Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I'd Never Do

I'd be my Daddy's Little Girl
Forever, so I said
I'd never, ever kiss a man
Or take him to my bed

But then one day, my body changed
And with it my desire.
With womanhood there came in me
Hidden, searing fires.

In time, I went and kissed a boy
And let him hold my hand
But still I sternly told myself
I'd never love a man.

He came at the worst moment
Found me confused and lost
Showed me an illusion of shelter
But never disclosed the cost.

He snuck into my mind
And took over my life.
I let him into my bed.
I thought I'd be his wife.

Foolish girl, You dreaming one
Can't you see the lies?
There was no real love in his heart,
Just acting with his eyes.

And so he went and left me,
Not so broken as I seemed.
For two years thence, I healed.
Of wholeness did I dream.

I said I'd never love a man
Who was mere 5 years older
But I guess time and experience
Made my heart much bolder.

 When it rains, it pours, they say
I guess it's true with lovers
But sometimes you really don't want them
I suddenly discovered.

One of them, and one man only
Could my interest entice
And what a person, this person is
I loved him not once, but twice.

So many things I've gone and done
For reasons I cannot construe.
If I could so change my mind,
What else won't I do?