Sunday, October 10, 2010

Say Goodbye

She never meant it to happen
The accident that changed her world.
Just one night, she told herself
One night to see it begin and end.
But his eyes held hers
And in them, she could see the light.
One night becomes many
Before she blinks an eye.

Kisses that forced her lips 
Into an upward curl.
For once, she could smile without lying
In all her life, never a real laugh
Until he showed her how

Like a dream, she's flying
Not sure how she got here
Not sure where she's going
But lost in the bliss of a new song

Her heaven was in his arms
On the cold, broken nights,
Wrapped in a golden melody of happiness
Cushioned by a cloud of promises and sweet nothings
Protected from reality by an illusion of love.

Two souls dancing to each other's beat.
Or so it seems
When one soul falters, 
Can they still waltz on
Or will we all fall down?

Shouts and anger
Once a prince, now a toad
She's wholly true him, warts and all
But "I love you" takes on a hollow ring to her ears.
She wonders if he means it.
She wonders if he ever has.

Kisses once passionate become things of routine.
Eyes that once held light
Now gleam with blame and suck her happiness away
And the arms that once lifted her up
Hold her prisoner to her own heart.

How do you escape your own heaven?
To leave would be to carve out her heart
A pain so great she'd rather die
But to stay would be to let it rot.
Reality is a tricky thing
A balancing act between want and need.
And in the end,
The only soul she can save is her own

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